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Congratulations - Forge Successful!

The flames of the Forge are now smithing your Bricktopian:

You can now view this on OpenSea, and click refresh metadata to see your pending Bricktopian.

Click to Forge again.
Forge updates may take up to 48 hours to be complete.

Before we begin

Make sure you have taken the time to follow the steps below so that you understand how the Forge mechanism works.
If you have any questions, our moderator team will be more than happy to help you in our Discord server.

1. Read the whitepaper

When building the Forge, something that was very important to us was ensuring that key traits were kept so that the core identity of your Bricktopian was maintained.

This and many other rules can impact that way that your character evolves.
Please take the time to read our whitepaper, so that you understand how the Forge behaves under different conditions.

2. Watch the tutorial

We have prepared a tutorial on how to use the Forge, and what to expect.
Please watch this and ensure that you completely understand how to use the mechanism.

3. Begin Forging

If you have prepared by making yourself familiar with the information in step 1 & step 2, you are now ready to Forge.
Prepare yourself for a world first in the NFT space.

are evolving

Welcome to the Forge, a deflationary mechanism that allows you to evolve your favourite Bricktopian by sacrificing (burning) another Bricktopian NFT. This mechanism is designed to reduce the overall Bricktopian supply over time, whilst unlocking new traits in the collection. Connect your wallet to begin.


This Bricktopian will evolve with new traits.


This Bricktopian will be permanently
removed from your wallet.

There will be two transactions required to complete your Forge.
DO NOT REFRESH in between these transactions.